"Unique - Unlike anything or anyone else; one of a kind"

Megan Morrison


TBA! Watch for Megan's 2018 lineup coming soon!

Megan Morrison

Megan has been performing on stages across Canada and the US for the last 20 years. She has charted internationally on country radio since 2001.
It is not surprising to learn that Megan has been singing from the time she could talk, choosing to spend her time in the barn with her brothers and parents, dreaming of being a singing cowgirl rather than the princess like most little girls dream of!

Megan Morrison

"When you do what you love, you love what you do, no matter the sacrifices!"

Megan grew up on the family farm in western Ontario and feels that being raised a "farm girl" was the best gift her parents could have given to her.
Being a farm girl allowed Megan to become top notch in the rodeo world. She performed both on stage and in the arena at her hometown, Holstein Rodeo for 14 consecutive years, and feels honoured to have been part of this great event! Megan has been living her dream of being the singing cowgirl, and although she has hung up her hat from the rodeo scene she is now enjoying the quieter side of cowgirl life, trail riding on her horse and of course singing everyday!
Today as a health and safety officer, Megan is keeping in touch with her farming roots, teaching farmers and construction workers to appreciate the importance of safety in the workplace and going home to their families each day!
"My pa will never know just how much he taught me being out in those fields!" Megan feels that she owes everything she is today including her drive, as well as her love and passion for life and music to her parents.


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